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Previously denoted as NITROSORB


ZeoCem Micro - is fine ground natural zeolite designed for the building industry. More than 85 % is made by zeolite mineral called clinoptilolit. It is used as a partial substitute of cement for its pozzolan characteristics. In cement mixture, it increases the level of aggressive substances resistance (sulphate and carbonate solutions). The level of sealing abilities of hardened concrete is also increased. ZeoCem Micro zeolite addition has an inhibitive effect on alkali-silica reaction in concrete. It contains min 90% of volume under 200 micrometers.


Chemical composition

Silicon oxide SiO2 65,0 - 71,3 hm.%
Aluminium oxide Al2O3 11,5 - 13,1 hm.%
Calcium oxide CaO 2,7 - 5,2 hm.%
Potassium oxide K2O 2,2 - 3,4 hm.%
Ferrous oxide Fe2O3 0,7 - 1,9 hm.%
Magnesium oxide MgO 0,6 - 1,2 hm.%
Sodium oxide Na2O 0,2 - 1,3 hm.%
Titanium dioxide TiO2 0,1 - 0,3 hm.%

Physico-chemical properties:

Appearance and odour grey green - no odour
Bulk density 1 600 - 1 800 kg/m3
Density 2 200 - 2 440 kg/m3
Porosity 24 - 32 %
Absorbability 34 - 36 %
Whiteness 70 %
pH 6,8 - 7,2


Dosing is changed according to the mixture technology, production and type of used materials. Dosing is usually about 10-20 % of cement weight. Typical dosing is 15 %. It is recommended to make tests directly in the production to find out the optimum dosing.


ZeoCem Micro in not dangerous substance, but in accordance with general regulations on handling with chemical substances, it is necessary to avoid contact of the substance with skin and eyes. Use protective gloves and glasses. For more details, please see Safety sheet.


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Given physical properties are usual and should not be considered as a specification .Data are based on experience. Our policy is a continual research and therefore we reserve a right to update these data; customers should be sure of having of the latest version. We guarantee stable high quality of our products, but we have no control upon all the applications of our material, so we are not able to accept any complaint of damages that could occur. Materials are supplied in accordance to our standard sale conditions.


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