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Universal sorptive agent, natural alumino - silicate. Klinosorb is the product based on 100% of natural zeolite. The basic substance of zeolite is crystallic hydrated alumo-silicate with macro- and microporeous structure. It has a high adsorption power and good ion exchange properties. Specially activated as a product with good sorption power and universal using.


Information for using

Affected rooms spread with Klinosorb (amount 1kg on 1 m3). The material must react 24-48 hours. After that remove Klinosorb with the bio-resp. residual waste. Repeat this advance till obtaining optimal climate in the room.

Klinosorb is utilizing as a prevent product to eliminate formation of humidity, smell and mycotoxins. The biggest effect of Klinosorb`s action is, when the full floor of the room is covered. Big and trouble spots and walls is necessary to cover with Klinosorb at regular intervals, until they are dry. The other areas cover as needed. Klinosorb at regular intervals, until they are dry. The other areas cover as needed. Klinosorb can be used in any amounts. For faster effect - the amount as stated above can be higher, when it is required

Klinosorb efficiency

Liquid Chemical formula Symbol of danger KLINOSORB
ACIDS 0,2-0,5 PLUS
sulphuric acid (96%) H2SO4 Caustic YES YES
chlorhydric acid (min 35%) HCl Caustic YES YES
nitric acid (65%) HNO3 Caustic YES YES
Phosphoric acid (85%) H3PO4 Caustic YES YES
Hydrofluoric acid (38-40%) HF Caustic, highly toxic NO NO
Acetic acid (99%) C2H4O2 Caustic YES YES
Formic acid (89-91%) CH2O2 Caustic YES YES


Sodium hydroxide (16% solution) NaOH Caustic YES YES
Ammonia (25-27% solution) NH3 Caustic YES YES
Potassium hydroxide (16% solution) KOH Caustic YES YES
Sodium carbonate (20% solution) Na2CO3   YES YES
Aniline (99%) C6H7N Toxic YES YES


Aceton C3H6OH Highly flammable YES YES
Tetrachloride methan(99%) CCl4 Toxic YES YES
Chloroform CHCl3 Deleterious YES YES
Cyklohexanon C6H10O Deleterious YES YES
Dietylamin C4H11N Caustic, flammable YES YES
Dietylether C4H10O Deleterious, flammable YES YES
Formaldehyde CH2O Toxic, Caustic, flammable YES YES
n-Hexan C6H14 Flammable YES YES
Metylenchlorid CH2Cl2 Deleterious YES YES
Turpentine   Deleterious YES YES
Toluene C7H8 Deleterious, flammable YES YES
Trychloretylene C2HCl3 Toxic YES YES


Transformer oil     YES YES
Hydraulic fluid OH-HM 46   YES YES
Mineral oil (oil ANISI)     YES YES
Motor oil M8 AD     YES YES
Oil on water     NO NO
Oil     YES YES


Sodium hypochlorite NaClO Caustic YES YES
Hydrogen dioxide (30%) H2O2 Caustic Y Y
Perchloric acid (min. 70%) HClO4 Caustic, flammable YES YES


Blood HClO   YES YES
Ethylene glycol C2H6O2 Deleterious YES YES
Methanol (99,5%) CH4O Toxic, flammable YES YES
EtHanol (96%) C2H6O   YES YES
sorptive capacity for water 0,3l/kg
softening temperature (C) 1.260
Klinosorb - crushed zeolit 0,5 - 1,0 mm
Klinosorb plus - ground material 0,0 - 0,2 mm
Chemical resistance - water, diluted water solutions of inorganic salts, alkali and acids (excluding HF), organic oil liquids

Remarks: YES - suitable, Y - suitable under reservations , NO - unsuitable


Klinosorb is not suitable for sorptive application for HF (Hydrofluoric acid) and H2O2 (hydrogen dioxide). Klinosorb is not suitable for sorbtion from water surface.
In the case of flammable liquid capture with flammable steams, it is necessary to use such tools which do not cause liquid ignition. In the view of different conditions in particular cases of use beyond the supplier control, he does not guarantee for the use of all the information mentioned.


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