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synthetic photoluminescent aggregate


GLOWSTONE is a synthetic aggregate, based on Luxilumä Photoluminescent pigment.   When exposed to light sources, the particles within GLOWSTONE become chemically excited and will afterglow, initially very strongly, then reducing slowly overnight.  The glow is best seen in a dark area, where ambient light sources such as streetlights and moonlight are absent.

GLOWSTONE is specially formulated from non-shrinking, extremely hard polyester for use in Concrete and Terrazzo products as an exposed Aggregate.

GLOWSTONE contains no fillers and is physically stable. 


GLOWSTONE is easy to use in a homogenous mix or as a surface topping for concrete paths, steps and terrazzo floors.  GLOWSTONE can be used as an additive into pebble paving or loose laid into gravel paths.  GLOWSTONE does not discolour and looks and acts like quartz..

GLOWSTONE Typical Mechanical Properties


Test Method

Density (see Note 1) Approx 1.0 g/cm3 ISO/R 1183-1970
Tensile Strength 70MPa ISO/R 527-1966
Tensile Elongation 2.0% ISO/R 527-1966
Flexural Strength 105MPa ISO 178-1975
Heat Distortion Temperature 60 – 65 °C ISO 75-1974
Barcol 934-1 Hardness 40 – 45 Barcol Impressor

GLOWSTONE can be manufactured in a range of Photoluminescent pigment strengths, and density and other mechanical properties will vary accordingly.

Particle Sizes

8 - 15mm,
4 - 8 mm
2 - 4 mm and

“fines”(less than 2 mm)

Storage & Handling



Packed in plastic containers of any size, from 1 kg to 100 kg

Colour range

Daylight colour - Off White
Daylight colour - Off White

Afterglow colour - Yellow Green
Afterglow colour - Yellow Green

Afterglow colour - Aqua Blue
Afterglow colour - Aqua Blue

Afterglow colour - Sky Blue
Afterglow colour - Sky Blue


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